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Kingston Lodge No.1010.

Charitable activity.

Charitable activity is a crucial part of being a Freemason.  Masons have historically and currently played key roles in charities nationally and locally.  All Lodge members contribute via their annual subscriptions to the national and provincial Masonic charities.  Lodges usually have a range of local charities or causes which they choose to support, and Kingston Lodge is no exception.  During 2018, 2019 and 2020 to date,  Kingston Lodge have supported eleven local charitable causes: -

  • RNLI Withernsea Lifeboat
  • Humber Inshore Rescue
  • Sea Cadets Hull
  • The training of Medical Detection Dogs
  • Swaledale Mountain Rescue
  • Castle Hill Hospital
  • Teddies
  • A Hull based elite athlete
  • The Daggards
  • Paul Hill
  • White Knights Blood Bikes.

No charitable donations are collected without the beneficiary being stated in advance.  It is of course open to all Lodge members to decide not to donate to a specific cause, or to suggest a charity close to their own hearts.


Kingston Lodge supporting Blood Bikes

Lodge members were via email and telephone (we're now using Zoom!) discussing how we could make a positive contribution to the Covid19 situation. Mike Price, Worshipful Master, remembered an article in Freemasonry Today (FMT) about  Blood Bikes, a volunteer service delivering vital medical supplies and essential equipment for the NHS. 

Through Tom Gittins in Durham, the Lodge contacted  John Watts, former Durham Assistant  Provincial Grand Master and the subject of the FMT article, himself a Blood Biker.  This led to contact with the Whiteknights, who provide a rapid delivery response for the NHS covering the Yorkshire area who gratefully received a £500 donation from the members of Kingston Lodge additionally supported by funding of £250 from the Provincial Masonic Charity (FCYNER). 

Each Blood Bike costs around £5,000 a year to run, which has to be found from charitable donations and, like most charities, Blood Bikes cannot hold events to raise funds.  These bikes – and the volunteer bikers – provide a vital and free service to the NHS. 

During normal working hours, the NHS and Charitable Health Organisations use their own transportation systems to move blood, plasma, tissue samples, documentation and other vital supplies between hospitals, hospices and supply centres. Out of hours these systems are not available, and the reliance falls upon private hire taxi ompanies, couriers and in exceptional circumstances, Emergency Services such as the Police or Ambulance Service.

This is a considerable cost to the NHS and Charitable Health Organisations, and this is where the Whiteknights service provision comes into its own. Volunteers provide an out of hours service which not only saves a substantial amount of money but money that can be passed on to provide more appropriate frontline patient care. It is estimated that for each £1 received in donations to the Whiteknights, the NHS will save at least £5.

In addition to an out of hours, transport service Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes have been supporting a 'Drive-through Phlebotomy Service' with their day-time volunteer motorcyclists in Sheffield. In response to the Covid19 pandemic, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust opened a drive-through facility at the DSA Arena in Sheffield to support patients by taking routine blood test specimens from within their cars. Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes Advanced-Qualified riders then transport the blood samples to Laboratory Medicine at the Northern General Hospital. Pictured at the temporary test site are Whiteknights volunteers, Tony Carter and South Yorkshire Regional Manager, Roy Clark.

White Knights are very grateful for much needed support.



Long way around...

One of our Lodge members is doing a sponsored walk around the Province (subject to current restrictions):-

Simon has resumed his trek.... but found the hostelry at Robin Hood's Bay was closed.


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